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Whether installing a new fireplace or refurbishing an existing one, Wood Duck offers a large selection of custom fireplace finishing solutions to satisfy your fireplace mantel tastes and needs.

We offer over 25 years of experience designing and handcrafting a wide variety of fireplace mantel products. Fireplace Mantel Surround Cabinets for both flat wall and corner installations / Beam Mantels to stand alone, fit over brick or stone as well as 2 & 3 sided fireplaces / Full Fireplace Mantel Surrounds for new and existing fireplaces / Fireplace Overmantels, Vent Cover Cabinets / TV Cabinets and Shelf Cabinets for above or beside your fireplace.

Whether it’s refurbishing an existing fireplace or a new gas fireplace installation we can finish it for you. We encourage our customers to use their imagination. If you can't find what you’re looking for on the Wood Duck website, provide us with a picture or a sketch. In our long history of design and manufacturing of fireplace finishing products we’ve done countless different fireplace mantel designs from the vintage fireplace mantel to the contemporary fireplace mantel design. And we’ve as much experience in designing custom fireplace mantels for optimum aesthetic results within pre existing (and not always ideal) dimensional parameters.

Our many years of experience and expertise designing fireplace mantel products assures our customers of the long term safety and longevity of our fireplace mantel and custom fireplace finishing. Over the years we’ve designed fireplace mantels for several fireplace manufacturers as well as customizing our designs to fit numerous fireplace models from all of the major fireplace manufacturers in the industry. All of our fireplace mantel related products are designed according to the clearance to combustible information supplied by the fireplace manufacturer. In the case of existing gas or wood fireplaces where that information is unavailable or unknown we will size according to the customers specifications which should conform to their local codes.


Wood Duck will design custom cabinets for a home office or custom cabinets to incorporate your home entertainment system. Custom bookshelves and display cabinets are designed on site to suit your specific needs. These projects are always a one-of-a-kind custom cabinet, designed to fit your desired style and distinct room situation. You’ll find several examples on our website of custom cabinets which we hope will be helpful. Wood Duck recognizes the variety of personal tastes, design requirements and variances in room size and layout. We work with your information and ideas to develop custom cabinet designs to suit your desire and need. Please follow the link to see examples of the development, progression and completion of a Wood Duck wall system project.


Wood Duck has, over time designed and built furniture and custom cabinetry for every room in the house. We are proficient at creating a variety of cabinets from kitchen islands and bathroom vanities to coffee tables, buffets and display cabinets for the living room, dining room and the den as well as cabinets and furniture for the bedroom.


Many of the mantels pictured on our site are shown with tile or marble facings and fireplace hearth surfaces. Wood duck will provide fireplace facing panels of either plywood or cement board (according to the clearance requirements of the fireplace) that are sized to accept the marble or tile being used by our customers. We will supply fireplace hearths with a top surface recessed to take any marble or tile being used.

  • Wood Duck has the most experienced furniture quality stain and paint finishers in the Ottawa Valley.
  • We work diligently with our finishing suppliers, designers and customers to stay on top of the latest colour trends.
  • Wood Duck has a longstanding finishing contract with an Ottawa custom furniture manufacturer through which we are constantly expanding our inventory of stain colours. Over 25 years of experience doing custom stains, paint finishes and colour matches

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